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Tahoe National Forest Snowmobile Trail Grooming Update

Siobhan Kenney
January 21, 2022
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Did you know that more than 200 miles of snowmobile trails are groomed on the Tahoe National Forest?! Tap the links below to read the latest grooming update of marked snowmobile routes.

Tahoe National Forest Grooming Update

Recreate Responsibly & Leave No Trace

Protect the places we play! Follow the Recreate Responsibly (Winter Edition) guidelines and Leave No Trace while you enjoy our winter trails. The six easy tips can help us all take care of Truckee-Tahoe and the outdoor spaces we all love. Remember, today's snow is tomorrow's water!


Snowmobile trail grooming is funded by the State of California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) division winter program.  Grooming work on the East Side of the Tahoe National Forest is provided by Sierra Snowcats through a contract with Sierra County. Volunteer grooming work on the West Side is provided by the Sierra Buttes Snowbuster’s Snowmobile Club, using State-funded snow tractor/grooming equipment.  THANKS TO ALL!

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