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Tahoe National Forest & Parks

The Tahoe National Forest and Donner Memorial State Park provide exceptional access to outdoor activities like mountain biking, rock climbing, and kayaking. If that's not enough, hop in the car for a day trip to Desolation Wilderness and other less traveled parks.
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Nature, Wildlife, Plants

Our thriving, healthy forests are home to mountain wildlife like black bears, bald eagles, and coyotes, but even rare animals like wolverines and wolves have been known to pass by! Stunning wildflowers and towering, ancient pine and cedar trees are a highlight of Truckee-Tahoe’s natural habitat.
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Community & Climate Resilience

The climate crisis is here. We’re doing our part to protect Truckee’s natural environment and enhance our community through Sustainable Truckee, an initiative that develops stewardship programs and services. 

Native Americans

Indigenous people have called Truckee-Tahoe home for thousands of years, beginning with the Martis in 2000 BC. More recently, the Washoe Tribe of California and Nevada occupied these lands and today, are headquartered in Gardnerville, NV. Ancient petroglyphs and grinding stones can be found at Donner Summit.
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Donner Party & Early Settlers

In 1846-47, the fated Donner Party set out to cross the Sierra Nevada at what is now called Donner Pass. Facing heavy snow, they overwintered near Alder Creek. Years after their tragic attempt over the pass, Truckee would become a hub for cross continental travel first by railroad, then by automobile.
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A look inside the Donner Summit train tunnels.

Chinese History

Since the dawn of America’s history, immigrants have played a key part in nearly all of the engineering marvels. In Chicago, the Irish helped build the canals to reverse the river. In New York, Italians played an important role in many public works projects in the 19th century like the subway. For Truckee, the unsung heroes of building the Transcontinental railroad were the Chinese immigrants. If it wasn’t for their hard work, the Truckee we know now wouldn’t exist.
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California Ski Culture

From the first chair lift in California at Sugar Bowl Resort to the 1964 Olympics held at Palisades Tahoe is home to a rich ski culture and fascinating history that goes way back to the very beginnings of the sport.
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