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Sustainable Truckee Programs & Sponsorships

Sustainable Truckee is a strategic initiative created and funded by Visit Truckee-Tahoe for stewardship programs, services, and sponsorships that protect and enhance Truckee. Since 2020, funding has supported projects such as Sustainable Truckee Ambassadors, Visitors Guides to Wildfire Preparedness, all-inclusive (adaptive) Trails for EveryBODY™ and more.


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2021-2023 Sustainable Truckee Programs, Sponsorships & Partners

1. Fall Lodging Offer & Early Summer Lodging Offer - Sustainable Truckee Gift Card

Visitors who book Truckee lodging during the fall or spring shoulder season are eligible for a $100 Sustainable Truckee Gift Card. Cards support 48 local businesses and 25% is matched for stewardship projects.

2. Visitor's Guides to Wildfire Season & Planned Power Outages (PSOMs)

Developed with VIP partners, the two guides help prepare visitors, residents, and second homeowners to be prepared during California's wildfire season.

3. On-Demand Shuttle Microtransit Pilot (Sponsorship) - Summer/Winter

Free on-demand shuttles in Truckee seven days a week, June - September 2022. Visit Truckee-Tahoe joined other VIP partners in major funding for the first microtransit "on demand uber" transportation pilot in Truckee for summer 2022. Winter pilot program coming soon.


4. Trails for EveryBODY™ (Sponsorship)

Visit Truckee-Tahoe sponsors all-inclusive events and trail development that cultivate a bike-friendly culture with something for everybody. Sponsorships include:

  1. Compass Skills Loop: an all-inclusive, universally designed mountain bike loop at Truckee's Sawtooth trailhead. Suitable for kids, adults, and adaptive riders at beginner and intermediate levels.
  2. Ridgeline Nature Loop: a one mile, flat, ADA accessible loop at Truckee's Sawtooth trailhead that accommodates wheel chairs, strollers, and strider bikes.
  3. Truckee Tahoe Gravel (formerly known as the Truckee Dirt Fondo): a welcoming, sustainably-minded gravel race on dirt and gravel roads in the Tahoe National Forest.


5. Sustainable Truckee Trailhead Signage Program - Summer/Winter

Signs created in partnership with USFS, Truckee Fire Protection District, and Truckee Trails Foundation are posted at Truckee trailheads with three main messages:

  1. Extreme fire danger - No fires. See something, say something.
  2. Respect hikers/bikers - Slow down. Share the trail.
  3. Pick up trash and poop.

6. Sustainable Truckee Bike Valet (Sponsorship)

The Sustainable Truckee Bike Valet is a free bicycle parking service available at Truckee Thursdays and Music in the Park for summer 2022. The valet provides monitored bike parking for event attendees, staffed by Sustainable Truckee Ambassadors. Managed by Truckee Trails Foundation with funding contribution from Keep Truckee Green.


7. Sustainable Truckee Ambassador Program - Summer/Winter (Sponsorship)

Sustainable Truckee Ambassadors patrol Truckee trails looking for fire danger and trash issues, and educating outdoor users on how to Leave No Trace and Recreate Responsibly. Managing partner Truckee Trails Foundation. Additional funding partners include Keep Truckee Green, Truckee Fire Protection District, Nevada County.

Learn more and get involved as a Volunteer Ambassdor, Secret Steward, Virtual Fire Lookout Ambassador, or Youth Ambassador. Volunteer positions are open all summer. Spanish speakers needed.

8. Barracuda Championship (Official Community Partner)

As an official community partner of the Barracuda Championship on July 14-17, 2022, Visit Truckee-Tahoe provided Sustainable Truckee volunteer t-shirts and waste receptacle branding, and coordinated post-event waste materials for upcycling opportunities.

9. Sustainable Truckee Gift Card (Sponsorship)

The Sustainable Truckee Gift Card is a community-based, digital gift card that can be used at participating merchants. The program encourages visitors and residents to shop local, keeping more dollars in our community. There is no cost to participate for business owners.

For every gift card sold, Visit Truckee-Tahoe will match 25% of card value for Sustainable Truckee Sponsorships (up to $25,000) such as meadow restoration (carbon sequestration), trail work, graffiti cleanup, wildfire prevention messaging and more in 2022.

10. Truckee-Tahoe Travel Alert

VTT coordinates with several partners and land management agencies to ensure key alerts, safety messages, and information for Truckee, California are delivered on the Truckee-Tahoe Travel Alert. This page is maintained frequently with need to know information for visitors and residents.


11. Sustainable Truckee - Summer/Winter Outdoor Recreation Maps

Comprehensive trail maps detailing safety, trail etiquette, and orientation to popular and off the beaten path trails in and nearby Truckee.

12. Sustainable Truckee - Historic Downtown Flagpole Banners

Along Historic Downtown Truckee's main street, you will see multiple outdoor nature and wildlife images on lampposts with the message “Take Care”. Sixty-one flagpoles promote a protect, preserve and take care of our natural environment message.

13. Donner Lake West End - Winter Parking & Snowplay Area (Sponsorship)

Sustainable Truckee sponsorship has allowed Tahoe Backcountry Alliance to amend their contract with West End Snow Removal for expanded snow removal services at West End Donner Lake, serving Donner Lake Run backcountry skiers and snow play users. Expanded snow plowing will clear 40 additional parking spaces, increasing the total spots from 20 to 60.

14. Local Voices Making Climate Choices

Sustainable Truckee features Truckee-Tahoe locals and highlights how our community lives sustainably.  Everyone, including visitors, are welcome to join.


15. “Recreate Responsibly” Focused Visitor Messaging

We're joining a local, regional, and national effort to amplify the Recreate Responsibly guidelines and encourage responsible travel.

16. Voluntourism Opportunities

A list of ways to get involved and volunteer with Truckee-Tahoe nonprofits. Meet locals and spend a few hours doing something completely unique and memorable during your vacation. On your own, and “drop in” opportunities available.


17. Traveler Responsibility Pledge

A regional pledge that encourages visitors to become responsible travelers through six action items: Become a Steward of Truckee-Tahoe, Respect the Environment, Stay Educated, Keep Wildlife Wild, Be Fire Safe, Demonstrate Mindful Travel.

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