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Sustainable Truckee Gift Card Information for Merchants

Sign Up in Three Easy Steps

  1. SIGN UP: Scroll to the bottom of the SUSTAINABLE TRUCKEE GIFT CARD page where it says "Become a Participating Business" and click the Apply to Join button. You will be asked to provide your business name, address, city, state, zip, business phone, website, contact person name, contact phone, and contact email.
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  1. CHECK YOUR EMAIL: Submitting your information will trigger an immediate email from Yiftee (our technology partner) with an Activation Card. This is your authorization to participate and you are agreeing to Yiftee’s Merchant Agreement found here:

  1. RUN ACTIVATION CARD: Follow email instructions on how to run the “Activation Card” to complete opt-in. After completing steps 1-3, your business will be able to accept Sustainable Truckee Gift Cards by manually entering the credit card number like you would a phone transaction.

What is the Sustainable Truckee Gift Card?

Sustainable Truckee Gift Cards are community-based, digital gift cards redeemable at 60+ businesses in Truckee. There is no cost for businesses to participate other than standard Mastercard processing fees. Cards support shopping local with Truckee merchants keeping more dollars in our community.

Customers buy Sustainable Truckee Gift Cards online at Cards are scheduled for e-delivery via text or email with a custom message for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion.

How Does it Work?

Sustainable Truckee Gift Cards are digital gift cards purchased online and accessed through mobile web (no app required). Cards are multi-use with a live balance that updates automatically after each transaction. They work at any number of different merchants who opt-in to the program at no cost. Customers can choose to deliver the gift card via email or text to a chosen recipient or print the card for hand delivery.

Sustainable Truckee Gift Cards are digital Mastercards. They are redeemed the same as a manual credit card transaction. Customers will present the gift card which shows a live balance, then merchants will key in the card number manually to their POS, just like a phone order. Cards cannot be swiped or tapped. Tipping is not allowed.

Cards only work at Truckee participating merchants who have opted-in. To accept the gift card you need to be able to process a key-entry (like a phone order) Mastercard. Merchants are paid through your credit card bank in your normal settlement, with normal Mastercard CNP processing fees.


News & Updates for Sustainable Truckee Gift Card Merchants

Visit Truckee-Tahoe sends B2B email updates to Sustainable Truckee Gift Card merchants about special offers, training materials, and VTT news. The email your business signed up with will be automatically added to our mailing list. If you would like other staff members to receive these emails, please send a message to

Recent issues:

Training Resources for Participating Merchants

  • Open Merchant Toolkit: google folder containing a training sheet for staff and marketing materials to let customers know you accept Sustainable Truckee Gift Cards.
  • View Yiftee Toolkit: nine page guide to redeeming Community eGift Cards at your business.
  • Watch Training Video: two-minute video on how to process a Community eGift Card.
  • Yiftee Whitepaper: read or download "Coming Back Stronger: How communities are working together to support local business".

No Cost for Merchants to Participate

There is no cost to participate in the program. To opt-in, simply run a 10 cent charge (or whatever is your minimum) on a prepaid Mastercard that Yiftee, our technology partner, will send by email (the “Activation Card”). This is your authorization to participate and you are agreeing to Yiftee’s Merchant Agreement found here:

Normal Mastercard CNP processing fees apply. 

No E-Delivery Fees for Bulk Purchases Over $1,000

Give Sustainable Truckee Gift Cards to your team! Companies and organizations can make bulk purchases for employee rewards, anniversary gifts, customer appreciation, survey incentives, contests, etc. Read the one-sheet linked below to learn more. Minimum amount for bulk purchases is $1000.


$12,500 Matching Goal for Sustainable Truckee Stewardship Projects

Visit Truckee-Tahoe matches 25% of EVERY card sold for Sustainable Truckee stewardship projects up to $12,500 in 2023. See what we've invested in so far

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