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Peace, Love, And Vegan Food In Truckee

Alex Silgalis
May 3, 2023
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Truckee’s food scene has always been on the forefront of mountain cuisine. From restaurants going out of their way to source local ingredients from Tahoe Food Hub to serving up award-winning dishes, they push the limits of what is possible for a mountain town. These restaurants don’t see vegan food in Truckee as a constraint but rather an opportunity for creativity and sustainability.  

Abundance For All Diets And Lifestyles 

For those that have gone vegan in favor of plant-based foods to reduce your individual impact on the environment and create a livable future for us all, the community can’t thank you enough. Truckee is doing its part to ensure a bright, sustainable future as well by sponsoring projects such as the Sustainable Truckee Gift Card. Within the mountain town, you’ll find a community filled with an abundance of vegan / meatless dining options as well as diet-friendly / allergy-friendly options to support gluten-free, dairy-free, and a variety of other needs. In summary, we guarantee you’ll feel at home in Truckee.

Squeeze In

Fuel up for a full day of adventure with a scrumptious breakfast. Since 1974, the Squeeze In has drawn locals and visitors alike to its establishment for its wide array of creative omelets, but their vegan breakfast options are just as good and varied. With dozens of options including the sweet potato breakfast bowl, avocado toast, and breakfast tacos, you’ll leave happy and full. As the name alludes, this spot stands only at 10 feet 3 inches wide, squeezing in between two other businesses so be sure to come early or be prepared to wait.

Coffeebar Truckee

The perfect first pour before first tracks. Coffee isn’t just a morning drink for Coffeebar Truckee but a passion. Founded in Truckee in 2010 off of Jiboom Street. Over the years they've expanded to include two locations in Truckee, a bakery near Pacos and coffee shop in Downtown, and plus several other locations in the Reno-Tahoe area. The modern meets rustic mountain digs are inspired by Italy’s coffee culture making you feel at home as you sip the perfect cup. Both locations offer a variety of scrumptious baked goods that are gluten-free, paleo, and vegan such as their banana muffins baked in house. For a quick to go breakfast, the overnight oats are to die for. Soaked overnight with oat milk, it’s filled with blueberries, chia seeds, flaxseed meal, vanilla bean, and lightly sweetened with agave.

Red Truck Cafe

On the runway to a casual flavorful lunch. Red Truck Cafe is a fusion of vegetarian, spicy, Indian, Turkish, and Lebanese all wrapped into an organic concoction that will make your mouth water. For those sticking to a plant based diet, you can choose from the Bowl or the Burrito. Each comes with dal, quinoa, fattoush (bread salad), and cabbage. To ensure it’s all vegan, just hold the yogurt tahini sauce and you’re set. The vegan protein is falafel, or you can opt for seasonal vegetables. Located inside the Truckee Airport, it’s a perfect place to take the entire family as your kids are entertained watching the flights come in and out of the airport.

The Crescent Cafe

Get a to go meal for that sunset stroll under a crescent moon. Back when locally owned New Moon Natural Foods started in the mid-70’s, eating healthy natural food was in its infancy but has now has become the beating soul of the vibrant Truckee-Tahoe community. And within it you’ll find the Crescent Cafe. Serving up a variety of plant-based sandwiches, smoothies and fresh juices. The star of the show is the “Holla Back Girl.” A reuben style sandwich gone vegan. It's so good you’ll want to “holla back” when you return to Truckee-Tahoe.


For vegan fine dining nobody does it better than Trokay. This hip downtown spot strives to create beautiful and tasty dishes from locally sourced ingredients. While many restaurants pay lip service to vegan/meatless options, Trokay is serious about it. They have an entirely separate vegetarian menu and most of the items on it can be made vegan. All you have to do is ask.


A dollop of lively fun with your mouth watering meal. Set inside a brick building with walls adorned in bright art from local artists, you’ll find high quality Mexican food alongside elevated cocktails in a buzzing scene. And when it comes to chefs being creative and supporting a vegan lifestyle, Como’s signature cauliflower al pastor street tacos are it. This vegan menu item is crispy, spicy, and sweet. Combined, it creates a flavor profile that even meat eaters will want to try. 

Little Truckee Ice Creamery

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. There isn’t a better way to finish a day on Donner Lake than with a scoop of ice cream from Little Truckee Ice Creamery. As they say, they don’t make great ice cream, they hand craft super premium ice cream. Tucked in a cute cabin across the street not too far from the western end beach, they always serve up at least two vegan friendly options. This is typically a sorbet and a coconut milk-based flavor. They also have a downtown Truckee location that is open during the busy summer months.

For natural food stores and farmers markets, check out our Truckee Groceries page.

Alex Silgalis

Born and raised as a flat lander in Chicagoland, Alex spent his summers working to save up for a season pass to the local hill along with any trips out West or beyond he could squeeze in. It was during his travels, both as a kid & an adult, Alex discovered his inspiration for Local Freshies® . His idea was to create the No. 1 Web site providing the local scoop on where to eat, drink & play in mountain towns throughout North America. When he’s not writing and executing marketing strategies for small businesses & agencies, he’s in search of the deepest snow in the winter and tackiest dirt in the summer alongside the love of his life and business partner, Jaime Pirozzi.

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