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Unplug & Unwind on Your Truckee Getaway With a Bit of Self-Care

Alex Silgalis
March 16, 2023
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Regardless if you’re traveling solo, with your family, or a few friends, a good vacation requires a little bit of “ME” time. A chance to self-indulge. An opportunity to reset your mental state. If you only have a few minutes or a full day (or more), here’s a few of the ways to unplug from your daily stresses and come home feeling better. Go ahead and get a massage in Truckee… you deserve it!

Immerse Yourself In Nature

If you’re the type of person that’s always pushing for goals, maybe it’s time to try something new or rather ancient - Forest Bathing. Although the term emerged in Japan in the eighties, the concept has ancient roots in Asia and Japan. As some may remember during this time, Japan was going through a tech-boom and many of its employees were getting burnout. Instead of prescribing drugs, they were given “park prescriptions.” It worked so well that national healthcare practices in Asia recognized it as a stress reduction method. A bonafide way to combat chronic illness. If you’re feeling a bit stressed or just need a break, here’s five simple steps on how to try Forest Bathing during your stay in Truckee.

Get Those Knots Out

Everyone deserves a spa day. If you’ve been playing in Truckee’s great outdoors, there’s a good chance those muscles are screaming. Book yourself a massage at one of our beautiful wellness centers. Reset your body after a day on the slopes with a seasonal Après-Ski Massage at the Ritz Carlton Spa, which specializes in elongating stretches and pressure point techniques. Or head over to one of several local favorites in Truckee, like Martis Valley Massage which specializes in therapeutic and deep tissue massages.

Chakra To It

Get your mind and muscles working in harmony with a yoga class. A vacation that features a yoga class or pilates can unwind your body’s tenseness. In addition to helping link your body and soul, a class done in one of Truckee’s studios gives you the opportunity to become part of the community even for a day. For those that want to explore more than just yoga, head over to Tahoe Yoga & Wellness Center in Truckee. In addition to yoga classes, they offer a full suite of wellness products. Have a yearning to try something new? Experience one of Mountain Lotus Yoga Studio’s hot yoga classes. Stretch out with a Bikram class, or sweat it out in one of their Inferno Hot Pilates classes. See the list of Truckee yoga studios.

Herbs, Spices, And Everything Nice

Inhale the sweet aroma and savor the flavors of REAL tea at Cha’ Fine Teas of Truckee. We’re not talking the pre-bagged counterpart you find on grocery store shelves but the kind that’s made with tea leaves. Loose-leaf tea usually is of better quality — with more antioxidants, intact leaves, fresher ingredients, and a stronger flavor. Tea blending is one step further. A magical concoction of tea leaves, spices, and herbs that can help with inflammation, sleep issues, or an upset stomach. Browse Truckee tea houses, coffee shops, and bakeries.

Feed Your Soul And Your Stomach

Sample the local flavor and stroll Truckee’s local markets to create a unique home cooked meal. One of the best ways to experience Truckee’s soul is to visit its indie natural food stores. A chance to chat with locals in a relaxed atmosphere. To learn about new products and new ingredients. To widen your cooking horizons and create new recipes. On Donner Pass Road, explore the decades-old New Moon Natural Foods which supplies the community with a well curated selection of nutritious, fresh, locally sourced food. Or head over to Tahoe Food Hub’s Farmacy. In their words, a ‘medicine cabinet’ for local, fresh, healthy food focused on the notion "food is medicine.”

Alex Silgalis

Born and raised as a flat lander in Chicagoland, Alex spent his summers working to save up for a season pass to the local hill along with any trips out West or beyond he could squeeze in. It was during his travels, both as a kid & an adult, Alex discovered his inspiration for Local Freshies® . His idea was to create the No. 1 Web site providing the local scoop on where to eat, drink & play in mountain towns throughout North America. When he’s not writing and executing marketing strategies for small businesses & agencies, he’s in search of the deepest snow in the winter and tackiest dirt in the summer alongside the love of his life and business partner, Jaime Pirozzi.

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