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2 Ways to BYOB in Truckee (It's Not What You Think!)

March 26, 2024
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What makes Truckee such a special place to visit? Well, a lot of things! But at the top of the list is its pristine natural environment - healthy forests, clear lakes and streams, and abundant wildlife. Here in Truckee, we believe that our favorite outdoor spaces are worth protecting which is why we take so many steps to build a more sustainable future. So how can you help keep Truckee green? By remembering to BYOB throughout your visit... and no, we’re not talking about beer!

BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag

Did you know that Truckee banned single-use plastic bags way back in 2013? Our community has long rallied behind the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” to build a more sustainable future for our mountain town. In fact, reducing waste is the priority of Keep Truckee Green, the town’s sustainability, solid waste, and resiliency program. So how can you help? Consume mindfully and BYOB - Bring Your Own BAG! When visiting Truckee, always choose reusable products over single-use items to help keep our town beautiful and our environment healthy.

5 Reasons to Use a Reusable Bag

  1. You’ll pay for plastic. Plastic bags cost 10 cents in Truckee and are often much smaller than reusable bags, so you’ll use more of them. A trip to the grocery store that uses 5 plastic bags can usually fit into a couple of reusable bags, saving you money and the awkward bag juggle! 
  2. Skip recycling. Recycling uses a lot of energy and in most places, plastic bags should be placed in the garbage or go to a special film recycling center. In some cases, they are exported from the US and burned to capture energy. When you use a reusable bag, you save water, energy, and fossil fuels that are involved in the process of making and breaking down single-use plastic bags. 
  3. They won’t break or collapse. There’s nothing worse than toting a bag of groceries to your car, only to have it break midway! Avoid spilled milk and cracked eggs by using a reusable tote bag.
  4. Less landfill waste - Plastic bags take a loooong time to break down in a landfill. Instead of throwing them out, reuse the bags at home or better yet, keep plastic of out the landfill altogether with a reusable tote bag.
  5. Reusable bags double as an around town tote! You will be surprised at how handy your reusable grocery bag is. Bring it with you when you’re shopping in Historic Downtown Truckee and use it to tote books, art supplies, gifts… you name it!
Remember Your Tote Bag

3 Tips to Remember Your Bag

Whether you’re picking up a takeout meal from a local restaurant, browsing our retail shops, or stocking up on groceries, always remember to pack your reusable tote bag! Here’s are some tips to remember your bags:

  1. Write it on your grocery list - the first thing on your list should always be “BAGS!” This is a foolproof way to make sure you remember to pack this essential item and grab it before you head into the store!
  2. The more the merrier - pick up more than one bag and keep them in a few different places, that way you remember to use them! Keep a few in your car, a few in your garage, and some on your bike.
  3.  Put them back once unloaded! - the most important tip we could share is to remember to put your bags back in a convenient spot - your car, garage, on your bike, etc. - when you’re down unloading them. That way you are ready to go for your next grocery trip! 
Bring your own bag, bottle, and utensils

BYOB - Bring Your Own Bottle (and Utensils!)

With more and more people opting for takeout food, the amount of waste generated by single-use products is on the rise. Plastic bags, paper napkins, plastic utensils… all of these items end up in landfills, or worse, littering our streets and trails. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can cut down on to-go food waste! 

First, remember to BYOB - Bring Your Own BOTTLE! Forgo plastic cups and always bring your own water bottle when you head out to enjoy a to-go meal. In fact, we encourage you to drink Truckee Tap (it’s delicious!) and carry a reusable water bottle wherever your travels take you. Many Truckee shops, especially ones that sell outdoor gear, carry stainless steel or durable plastic bottles. You also can find them at grocery stores like Raley's O-N-E Market, which encourages their customers to choose reusable bottles over plastic water bottles.

BYOB Bring your own reusable water bottle
Bring your own utenils

Here’s our second tip - bring your own napkins and utensils! This one can be difficult to remember, but just like with your tote bag, make it a convenient habit and soon it will be as easy to remember as “keys, wallet, phone!” There are many types of reusable utensils, from bamboo to titanium to durable plastic. Many come in sets that include a fork, knife, spoon, and even chopsticks. Keep your takeout utensils somewhere like your purse or your car so that you’re always prepared, even when on the go. 

Now you know a few takeout tips that can help Keep Truckee Green! Whenever I order out, I bring my reusable tote filled with one cloth napkin or bandana, one bamboo utensil set (comes in a handy carry case!), and a reusable water bottle. I was able to find all of these items at local shops and now, this kit comes with me everywhere I go.

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