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Vacation Renting a Room or Home? Six Ways to Be a Good "Local" Neighbor

December 30, 2021
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Ski season is in full swing, and big storms mean big crowds in Truckee and Lake Tahoe. Whether you’re a savvy vacation home renter, have never rented a private home before, or have dabbled in renting (with some success, some not) there are SIX THINGS to know about staying in a private residence versus a hotel, lodge or inn.  

1. Driving, Parking & Safety

In big snow years, street signs may be buried. Be sure to study your arrival route ahead of time in addition to relying upon your GPS/phone. Drive very slowly through neighborhoods, peaking around tall walls of snow at intersections and roundabouts, watching for children and folks walking their pets - especially in the dark. Park ONLY in the driveway of your rental property. Street parking is prohibited and you’ll have a shovel waving at you if you’re parked next door during a snowstorm.  Oh, and NEVER let your kids set up a sled course that could send them into the street. Whenever possible, take advantage of local transportation (it’s FREE!). You’d be surprised at the routes to/from ski areas and to historic downtown, and the abundance of winter services including Park and Ride lots, free on demand shuttle, and door to door service in Truckee. 

2. Noise

 A week of winter vacation feels like a never ending weekend! But remember, your next door neighbor is likely waking up early for work, putting children down right at your cocktail hour, or otherwise hoping to quietly enjoy their home in the beauty and nature of the woods. Be respectful of the locals and other guests in your neighborhood and kindly keep the noise down after 8:00 pm. Town of Truckee ordinance requires quiet hours between 10pm and 7am.

3. Respect Property Boundaries

Outdoor play is awesome and probably the number one reason why you planned a trip to the mountains, we get it! Keep that impressive snowman you want to build, in your own yard. Venturing onto your neighbor’s property can be a source of complaints. Remember to Recreate Responsibly and Leave No Trace whenever you head outside for winter fun.

4. Know Who You Gonna Call

If you rented from a property manager or homeowner, call for questions or concerns. Most local property management firms maintain a 24/7 help line, and can respond in person within 30 minutes. Please do not knock on your neighbor’s door if you are locked out, or need a plunger! That’s what property management companies take care of!

5. Trash & Recycling

Managing trash starts with bringing only what you need.  But if you forgot something, shop local and source manageable quantities of food, drinks, and supplies. Use the bear proof trash containers - it’s required! Trash left out attracts animals even during winter months. Too much trash? Don’t know what to do? Most property managers will come and get it. Bag your trash and use the blue recycling bags provided at check in. In Truckee, we are a “single stream” town so it ALL goes in the blue bag (paper, plastic, bottles, but no food please). 

6. Be Fire Safe

A burger on the grill is sooo satisfying after a day hiking or skiing just make sure you’re using a natural gas or propane grill. Better yet, leave it to the pros and check out Truckee’s mountain cuisine. Charcoal grills, wood-burning pits, bonfires and campfires are prohibited. 

Overnight guests are a huge part of the Truckee economy, vital to our community, and well, it’s also a big responsibility! Pack your patience and we promise Truckee-Tahoe will replenish your soul and recharge your batteries for a happy return home! 

Article provided by Tahoe Getaways

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